Canada continues to work on climate goal 2030

Canada continues to work on climate goal 2030

A green building strategy will create new jobs.

The Canadian government is actively working to stabilize the country's environment by proposing new projects and payments to participating residents. On Wednesday, Aug. 17, Minister of Natural Resources, Jonathan Wilkison announced the launch of a public engagement process for the Canadian Green Building Strategy and more than $2.2 million CAD in federal funding for upgrades to the Mickey McDougall Community Recreation Centre in North Vancouver:

"Canada's green building strategy will help grow our economy and meet our ambitious climate goals. I look forward to hearing from Canadians about how to move forward and to funding new projects like this one right here in North Vancouver."

The goal of the Strategy is to drastically reduce carbon emissions — 37% from 2005 to 2030 — and create a zero-emission building sector by 2050.

Activities will focus on increasing the rate of building retrofits, building sustainability and zero-energy readiness from the outset, as well as space and water heating system conversions. The cost of the project is estimated at $150 million CAD.

Work at the Vancouver Community Recreation Centre will focus on modernizing space, accessibility and energy efficiency in line with the strategy.

Overall, the government estimates that Canada's green building industry could provide about 1.5 million direct jobs by 2030, up from 462,000 today.

The total of all investments in Canada's Climate Plan, which includes the Green Building Strategy, is $1.5 billion CAD.

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