Bank robbery in Canada

Bank robbery in Canada

Six policemen were injured in the shooting.

Around 11 a.m. on June 28, police in Saanich, British Columbia received a report of armed men entering a bank. Two of the perpetrators began firing when the emergency response team arrived and were killed on the spot. A third accomplice is still being sought.

Three police officers are seriously injured and are in the surgical ward of a local hospital. Three were released home after receiving first aid.

No one else was hurt, although there were many people on the street at the time of the incident: the shooting was filmed on video from a parked car, passers-by were hiding in the vet's office nearby, and residents of nearby houses were looking out of the windows. Later, police officers began to evacuate people who lived and worked nearby, as they suspected that there was an explosive device in the car of the criminals.

Saanich's police chief said nothing like this had ever happened in his 27 years of service. He thinks it's a miracle that no civilians have been hit by bullets.

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