Canada announced negotiations with Germany on the issue of Nord Stream 1

Canada announced negotiations with Germany on the issue of Nord Stream 1

Gas supplies to Europe are declining because of equipment stuck in Canada.

On June 16, it was announced that talks were underway to resolve the issue with the Siemens turbine that is used for the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 1, which runs under the Baltic Sea to Germany.

The new-generation gas turbines had to undergo regular maintenance in Canada, where they were manufactured for the German company in 2009. One of them was sent to Montreal for overhaul and could not return promptly, negatively affecting the volume of gas supplies to Europe.

Siemens Energy noted that the capacity of Gazprom's Nord Stream 1 pipeline to supply gas to Europe is partially limited because sanctions against Russia deprive the German equipment supplier of the ability to return the turbine, which is serviced in Canada.

In turn, representatives of "Gazprom" on June 14 on its official page on Twitter reported that the German company Siemens was unable to return the compressor equipment after repairs in time, and as a result, the volume of natural gas supplied to Europe was reduced by approximately 40%.

A spokesperson for Natural Resources Canada assured in a statement that the government is actively discussing with Germany the problems encountered and work is underway to identify the best solution.

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