Unemployment in Canada Hits Record Low

Unemployment in Canada Hits Record Low

15,000 new jobs were added in April.

Canada's unemployment rate fell to 5.2%. Last month it was 5.3%, already a record. Such a low level has not been seen in the history of this indicator, which has been observed since 1976.

Alberta and Atlantic Canada accounted for most of the job gains. Full-time jobs nationwide fell by 32,000 for the month but added 47,000 part-time jobs. The involuntary underemployment rate also fell to its lowest ever recorded at 15.7%.

People are earning more than they did before the pandemic. In April 2018, the percentage of workers earning less than $20 CAD an hour was 38%, and those earning more than $40 CAD an hour was 17%. In April 2022, already 50% of those working were getting more than $40 CAD an hour, and only 26% were getting less than $20 CAD an hour. The average hourly wage in Canada is now $31.06 CAD.

Many employers complain that it is very difficult to hire enough people. There are especially many open positions in retail and construction. Employment is growing in scientific and technical services, as well as in government.

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