Well-known weight loss drugs in Canada - real effect or fraud?

Well-known weight loss drugs in Canada - real effect or fraud?

The Canadian company claims that the drugs it makes help you lose weight, but the Canadian Antitrust Bureau is of a different opinion.

The Antitrust Bureau of Canada conducted an investigation that found that NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc.'s claims about the effectiveness of their weight loss products were intentionally false. Appropriate and sufficient studies of these products were simply not conducted. Consequently, NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc. was disseminating untrue information, thereby violating the law.

In order to prevent the continued use of false and unverified data in marketing by NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc. the Bureau entered into an agreement with the company and its founder, Ryan Foley. Here are some of the details of that document:

  • payment of a total of $100,000 CAD in fines;
  • changing or eliminating all weight-loss claims about the company's products;
  • implementing and using a corporate compliance program to ensure that the company complies with the law and does not make false or misleading public statements in the future.

The company sells WeightOFF Max!, Forskolin+, and Forskolin Nx. Information that these drugs promote weight loss was contained on labels, packaging, Internet platforms, social media, magazines, and email newsletters. NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc. products are authorized in Canada, but are not authorized to be advertised as weight loss drugs. The settlement agreement is registered with the Antitrust Court and will be enforceable for 10 years.

Do the advertised weight loss products really work? For example, let's take one of the most famous — Forskolin and its derivatives. This drug, based on an Asian plant, was studied in the United States. Forskolin was tested on small groups of men and women. Most men after taking a certain amount of the drug had an increase in testosterone levels and a slight decrease in weight. Women who took the drug for 12 weeks had no change in their weight. Scientists are studying the properties of forskolin to treat various diseases: asthma, cancer, high blood pressure, and others. The drug has even been tested on animals with cancer and had a positive effect on them. However, consider Forskolin and similar means, which will help to lose weight easily, exactly not worth it. Their effectiveness has not been confirmed and is quite questionable.

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