Canada provides summer jobs for young people

Canada provides summer jobs for young people

More than 140,000 jobs from verified employers.

The Canadian government subsidizes employers who participate in the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program. Companies that are willing to hire people with no education, women, and visible minorities are a priority. Canada has had a similar program before, but only for students.

There are now only three requirements for applicants:

More than 48,000 firms applied for the program, offering jobs for a total of 233,000 people. Employment and Social Development Canada carefully selected jobs that were safest and most useful for people ages 15 to 30. In the end, the ministry approved more than 39,000 organizations with more than 140,000 jobs for young people.

Some were able to start working under the program as early as April 25. The deadline to apply for a summer job is July 24th. Many vacancies are open in the tourism sector, food industry, and marketing.

All jobs can be searched by job title or keywords in the special section of the official Government of Canada website or in the mobile app.

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