Saskatchewan students can become provincial representatives

Saskatchewan students can become provincial representatives

For advertising life in Saskatchewan, they promise a scholarship, certificate, and career assistance.

On March 28, the government of Saskatchewan announced the launch of a special international program for students — the Student Ambassador Program, a program of the province's ambassadors abroad. Canada has long been recognized as one of the best countries for international students. But usually foreigners do not go to Saskatchewan, but to Quebec or Ontario to study.

Ambassadors are people who are hired to represent a brand in a positive light. For example, an artist might use a particular brand's paints, have an active social media life, and constantly recommend those paints to their followers. Brand representatives find such people, give them new products, invite them to events — so the person has more reasons to like the brand and praise it. In Europe working as an ambassador for active students is very common: a student is paid for helping applicants or first-year students navigate their new life, he or she learns more about his or her university and gains experience in organizing consultations and events.

Saskatchewan's program is designed for both Canadians who go to study in other countries and international students who come to the province. For both categories of students, there are special training programs so that they can learn more about the history of the province and their university.

Local students, after completing a special course, may be arranged to transfer to another country's university, for example, through a student exchange program. International students will simply receive new knowledge, a scholarship and a Saskatchewan Ambassador certificate. Participation in the program does not impose an obligation on international students to return to their home country after graduation.

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