ILAC language school campuses are open again

ILAC language school campuses are open again

Canadian provinces have lifted restrictions, and English can again be studied in person.

The Canadian language school ILAC, with which we cooperate, has several full-time campuses in Toronto and Vancouver. English courses with Canadian teachers at ILAC are available to international students who come to Canada on a study visa. You can also attend language courses for up to 24 weeks on a tourist visa.

For those who already understand spoken English well enough, ILAC holds regular webinars where native speakers clearly explain the different nuances of moving to Canada and studying at Canadian universities.

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Studying English online is not as efficient, but it's more convenient and cheaper. Until the end of March 2022, the school is offering classes five days a week for three hours for only $100 CAD per week. That's less than $7 CAD per hour. The only condition of the promotion is that you pay for eight weeks of classes all at once.

You can see the prices without a promotion and the schedule of the online classes here. To sign up or for any questions, email us at email.

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