Rating of the world's best cities for students

Rating of the world

It included two Canadian cities.

Campus Advisor, an organization that collects information about colleges and universities around the world, has published a ranking of the 30 best cities to live and study in the world. Scores were awarded on six parameters:

  • student friendliness;
  • cost of living;
  • security;
  • social infrastructure;
  • accessibility of public transport;
  • nightlife.

Montreal, a city in the province of Quebec, ranked fifth, after Melbourne, Newcastle, Seoul and Vienna. Toronto, Canada's largest city, located in the province of Ontario, ranked 25th.

Montreal received a score of 4.44 out of 5. Students like the fact that there are many universities in the city and public transportation accessibility is good. Also in Montreal you can find restaurants, clubs, concerts and events for all tastes.

Toronto's score is 4.12 out of 5, not much of a difference. Toronto's main disadvantage is that compared to the other cities on the list, it is very expensive for students to live in, despite its other advantages.

In terms of student friendliness, Toronto is also inferior to Montreal. Recall that in Big 7 Travel's ranking of friendliness of Canadian cities, Toronto ranked 24th, while Montreal was third.

But Toronto is a more comfortable place to live: Toronto's social infrastructure was rated 4.43 by the students surveyed, while Montreal's was 4.32. Instead of Calgary and Vancouver, Toronto was already in the top ten of the world's most livable cities.

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