Two selections in British Columbia

Two selections in British Columbia

A separate raffle for store and restaurant managers.

The invitations British Columbia sent out in two streams: Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC. Within those streams there were different requirements for applicants. See the table for the minimum score needed for a candidate in each category.

Category Minimum score
Skills Immigration — qualified specialists 110
Skills Immigration — specialists with medium and low skills 77
Skills Immigration — graduates of Canadian universities 96
Express Entry BC (EEBC) — qualified specialists 120
Express Entry BC (EEBC) — graduates of Canadian universities 106

The province invited a total of 189 candidates this time. 188 of them participated in the general selection, and 10 participated in the selection for two specialties: wholesale and retail managers and restaurant and catering managers.

Why does the province make managers a separate category? According to British Columbia's definition, a manager is a person who makes important decisions concerning the management of an organization's resources. The minimum score for all managers in this selection was the same — 120. Among them were both professionals and graduates of Canadian universities.

In addition to the fact that the passing score for managers is higher than for any category of candidates in the Skills Immigration stream, there is another important nuance. Managers are excluded from provincial employment standards governing hours worked, vacation time, and overtime pay. On average, store managers earn $33.65 CAD per hour. Restaurant managers are paid less, averaging $25 CAD per hour.

On our website, you can learn more about BC's provincial program and read the selection history.

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