Ukrainian communities rally across Canada

Ukrainian communities rally across Canada

On February 6, the Congress of Ukrainians of Canada held an action supported by immigrants from other CIS countries.

The main action took place near the Russian Consulate General in Toronto. Canada has already allocated $340 million CAD to expand the UNIFIER program, which is building up Ukraine's military power. But the Congress of Ukrainians of Canada decided it needed to draw more attention to Russia's potential invasion of Ukraine.

The rally was supported by the Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Polish, Belarusian, and Taiwanese communities in Toronto. Protesters chanted the slogan "Russia, hands off Ukraine" and stood with placards "Stop, Putin! Stop the War!" and "Stop Russian Aggression.

Congress reports that rallies under its auspices were also held in such cities as Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax, Saskatoon, Oshawa, London, Kingston, Windsor, Barrie, Bradford, Hamilton and Sudbury. The purpose is to show ordinary Canadians that the possibility of a Russian invasion should be taken seriously, as it could start a full-scale war in Europe.

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