Canadian province needs nurses

Canadian province needs nurses

The region is ready to hire foreign specialists.

Foreign nurses who want permanent residency in Canada now have the opportunity to get a job in Ontario. The province has a program that allows such nurses to work in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. According to Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott, more than 1,200 professionals have already expressed interest.

The province works with the Ontario College of Nursing to place nurses in jobs. Personnel are assigned to health care facilities that are facing a shortage of staff. Foreigners are allowed to work under the supervision of a registered nurse or a physician with a Canadian license.

Ontario's latest immigration selections for demanding professionals and by stream human capital priorities included health care workers: orderlies, caregivers and nurses. The demand is due to the spread of Omicron, a new strain of COVID-19 that has forced the government to increase hospital capacity. In addition to international nurses, students who are studying medicine at Ontario universities are also being hired.

"The pandemic has shown the need for more staff in the health care system," said Peter Bethlenfalvey, Ontario's finance minister. — Our government has pledged to spare no expense to fight the pandemic to protect public health and the economy.

In 2021, the provincial government decided to invest $342 million CAD over the next five years in medical recruitment initiatives and employ 13,000 professionals.

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