Canadian SEALs attacked Ilon Musk's satellite dish

Canadian SEALs attacked Ilon Musk

Internet users have encountered unusual "interference.

In Canada, the development of the company SpaceX — the satellite dish Starlink, which provides high-speed Internet — attacked by seals. One of the owners of Starlink, Aaron Taylor, who lives in the village of Kenanston, Saskatchewan province, tweeted about it.

"Starlink works great until the cats find that the plate gets a little warm on cold days," Taylor wrote.

When Taylor's Internet began to malfunction, he discovered five street cats on his device. The point is that the surface of the plate gets hot, and, as it turned out, the cats didn't mind warming up on it. The man noted that there is a cat house with heating, food and water in his yard, but at -25 degrees the tailed ones preferred Starlink.

Taylor is not the only customer who encountered this problem. Other online users have discussed it, and even received a response from one of the testers of the device.

"I checked my antenna with a thermal imager, and it does seem to heat up completely, even the back side. So if it's mounted on the ground, you might find animals under it or nearby," he wrote.

SpaceX has launched about 2,000 satellite dishes to bring Internet access to remote and rural areas. But it seems that the SEALs are capable of causing serious problems, because they make users' Internet work intermittently.

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