Canadian province seeks teachers without education or licence

Canadian province seeks teachers without education or licence

Staff shortages are forcing schools to take extreme measures.

Schools in the province of Ontario are facing a serious teacher shortage. The shortage is so widespread that one district in the province is willing to hire uncertified workers.

Durham County School Board is posting positions for teacher positions that do not require teacher education or licensure. Now, due to a severe teacher shortage, administrative staff have to deal with children.

Applicants for the vacancies must either be university educated or have a university degree. Experience of working with children and young people from different countries, including children with special needs, is also required. Volunteer work is suitable. In addition, a resume, cover letter and at least two references are required.

Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce said that in exceptional cases, hiring teachers without proper education and licensing is possible, so the schools' actions are justified.

This situation provides opportunities for those who are currently enrolled in Canadian universities or who have experience working with children in their home country, but have not obtained a teaching licence to work in Canada.

The schools have already received many responses to the vacancies and interviews will begin next week. The school board hopes to have two or three uncertified teachers at each institution by the end of the month.

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