Countries most likely to immigrate to Canada

Countries most likely to immigrate to Canada

The Department of Immigration has released statistics on countries whose citizens have gained permanent residency in Canada in 2021.

According to the latest figures, more than 267,000 people were granted permanent resident status in Canada in 2021.

The largest "donor" was India, from which 80,455 immigrants came — almost a third of the total. China came second, with 21,580 immigrants. In third place was the Philippines, with 11,220 immigrants. Fourth and fifth places went to Nigeria and France, with 10,955 and 9,575 immigrants, respectively.

CIS countries are far behind the leaders and are not even in the top twenty. Ukraine is in 22nd place, with 2,285 people moving to Canada in 2021. Russia is in 33rd place with 1,440 people.

Candidates also immigrated from the following CIS countries:

  • Azerbaijan — 345 people;
  • Kazakhstan — 330 people;
  • Belarus — 130 people;
  • Uzbekistan — 95 people;
  • Kyrgyzstan — 60 people;
  • Tajikistan — 35 people.

A large number of immigration programs allow Canada to accept hundreds of thousands of new residents per year. For 2021-2023, the country has set a goal of issuing a record 1.2 million Permanent Residents.

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