Canada continues to call for more immigrants

Canada continues to call for more immigrants

Will the country be able to meet the 2021 target?

Once again, Canada has invited tens of thousands of applicants for permanent residency in a month, moving closer to its annual goal of welcoming 401,000 new immigrants. In August, the Department of Immigration called in 37,780 people. That's down slightly from in July, but immigration levels are still higher than usual, since before the pandemic Canada averaged 25,000 to 35,000 applicants a month, but in August 2020 the numbers dropped sharply due to restrictions.

In total, Canada invited 222,000 people between January and August 2021. That means there are still 179,000 left to reach the annual target. To reach the plan, an average of 45,000 applicants each need to be invited in the remaining months. The Canadian government sees immigration as key to the country's post-pandemic economic recovery, so it is likely to do everything it can to meet the goal.

Canada partially relaxed travel restrictions in June, making it easier for foreign tourists to enter. In May, six immigration streams were launched at once with 90,000 people expected to get permanent residency. Recruitment will close on November 5, most likely after which the Department of Immigration will start sending out invitations. At the end of November, Destination Canada's largest job fair will be held, where candidates will also get a chance to immigrate.

In addition, in September, 30,000 candidates were selected through the family sponsorship program. Also, Canada has already met its annual immigration target through Express Entry, but selections are still underway, so there is a chance they too will contribute to the overall immigration plan.

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