30,000 candidates selected in family sponsorship programme

30,000 candidates selected in family sponsorship programme

So many lucky people will be able to move their relatives to Canada from abroad.

On September 20, the lottery for Canada's parents sponsorship program began. It allows Canadian citizens and residents to relocate their relatives by making a commitment to provide for them for 20 years (10 years for Quebec residents). Those who want to sponsor the relocation of their relatives must leave an application on Canada's official website. Once a year, the government sends out invitations at random.

In 2021, the program will select 30,000 sponsors. This is a record selection in Canada's history, but only those who left their application in 2020 could participate. On September 23, the Ministry of Immigration completed the lottery and is now sending out invitations to selected sponsors. All invitations will be sent out by October 7. If you participated in the lottery, be sure to check your emails.

You received an invitation

Once you receive the letter from the Government of Canada, you have 60 days to send your application for permanent residence to the Ministry of Immigration. If you are sponsoring relatives to move to Quebec, you must send the application to the provincial government.

Remember that you must meet the program requirements: be over 18 years old and have suitable income for the last three years (the last year for Québec residents). You will also need to sign an undertaking to support your relatives.

If the application is approved, your parents or grandparents will become permanent residents of Canada and have access to all benefits, including free health care.

You didn't get the invitation

There are hundreds of thousands of applicants for sponsorship. Unfortunately, Canada only invites a small fraction. If you are unlucky, consider arranging a super visa for your relatives. It will allow them to enter Canada multiple times within 10 years and stay continuously for up to 2 years.

You weren't involved

If you live in Canada and want to sponsor your parents or grandparents to move, you can apply in the following selections. The Ministry of Immigration has not yet released the 2022 lottery arrangements. Stay tuned to the website, we will post information as soon as it becomes available.

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