Canada introduces vaccination passports

Canada introduces vaccination passports

You'll need them to travel abroad.

The federal government of Canada has officially announced that it is working on introducing a vaccination status document. It will be required for international travel when borders open. Vaccination passports are expected to become available in early autumn and are expected to make travel easier and reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19.

Canadian citizens and residents who travel abroad will be required to provide proof of vaccination in the ArriveCAN app upon their return. But there are also plans to introduce passports on physical media. In the absence of vaccination, Canadians will have to take a COVID-19 test and undergo a 14-day self-exclusion upon return.

Confirmation of vaccination may also be required in the country you are traveling to, so be sure to check entry regulations before planning your trip. The Canadian government is negotiating with other countries to confirm vaccinations, but there is no global standard.

Canadian borders for vaccinated travellers are expected to open September 7. Tourists will also need to enter their vaccination details into the ArriveCAN app and have a 14-day quarantine plan just in case.

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