G7 countries are actively discussing the introduction of vaccination passports

G7 countries are actively discussing the introduction of vaccination passports

What is Canada's view on this matter?

"We are certainly working on the idea of vaccination passports with our G7 partners. I spoke to my colleagues, the health ministers, just a couple of weeks ago, and this is a very topical issue," Federal Health Minister Patti Haidu said in an interview.

While Hajdu did not say whether Canada is pushing the idea — requiring some form of proof of vaccination to enter the country — she clarified that other countries and industry groups are exploring the possibility of creating a document that would ensure travelers have the vaccine when they cross borders.

"We will come back to Canadians as we better understand the intentions of our colleagues internationally and see development trends around the world," Haidu added.

Some European countries have already started signaling that they will request proof of immunization against COVID-19 in order to allow foreign travelers to enter the country. This measure is similar to how countries such as Canada require non-essential visitors to present a negative test to enter the country.

In Canada, proof of vaccination is not currently a way to obtain entry clearance.

UK Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Nadhim Zahawi said in an interview that the British government is working on the logistical development of the document so that its citizens can resume travel for work or holidays abroad.

Hajdu believes that for now, Canada is concerned about equity and doesn't want to see a two-tiered system, given the limited number of people who can access COVID-19 vaccines so far.

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