A Canadian city for the young and promising

A Canadian city for the young and promising

Planning to move and buy property in Canada? Read which city is ideal for young professionals looking to buy their own home.

In a recent study in which a British company studied 46 cities around the world, the Canadian leader was identified. The cities were evaluated on the basis of how suitable they are for young people who want to buy their own living space.

As a result, it was Vancouver that was voted the best place for "young and promising", ahead of other cities around the world.

The study looked at many important factors, including the cost of apartments in the city and average wages. According to the study, the average monthly rent for an apartment in Vancouver is £1,150 / CAD$2,014 / RUB118,160 per month.

It also states that the average purchase price of a two-bedroom apartment is 208,000 pounds / 364,229 Canadian dollars / 21,368,951 rubles.

In addition, the cost of utilities was 47.66 pounds / 83.46 Canadian dollars / 4,897 rubles and the average wage of a person was also 2,567 pounds / 4,496 Canadian dollars / 263,776 rubles per month.

"This result was the result of Vancouver having higher-than-average wages, while utility costs and the cost of recreational activities, such as gym memberships, are lower," the report said.

Toronto fell just short of the top five, eventually finishing in sixth place.

The report says that with this Ontario city also nearing the top of the list, it can be assumed that Canada is one of the best countries to buy property at a young age.

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