Canada fires truckers en masse

Canada fires truckers en masse

One of the ten largest trucking companies in North America declared bankruptcy the other day. This is the largest bankruptcy in the history of the trucking industry.

Earlier this week, Celadon Group management informed its employees that the company was winding down and laying off its entire workforce — 3,500 people. Celadon Group declared bankruptcy, closing after 34 years of continuous operation. The company shipped freight from the north to the south of the continent and had 2,695 trucks, including 2,000 in the United States, 360 in Canada and 335 in Mexico.

As soon as rumors of mass layoffs started circulating, the carrier's competitors started actively publishing job offers. Unlike drivers, it will be more difficult for office staff to find a similar position. Many of the employees have worked for the company for decades and will now be forced to look for jobs in other industries. Celadon was the largest trucking company based in Indiana, USA, and had no direct competitors in its field.

The last days of the company's life looked pretty messy.

The company began returning equipment to creditors last Thursday, filed for bankruptcy the next day and warned its major customers to look for other transportation service providers. Employees have not yet been informed of the pending bankruptcy or closure.

On Friday evening, supply disruptions had already begun. Many tractors pre-loaded at the shipper's points were unloaded and the cargo was transferred to other carriers. Then the workers started asking questions to the management. Over the weekend, fuel cards were disconnected.

Lack of communication from company management over the weekend caused chaos. Some drivers were ordered to abandon their trucks, while others were ordered to finish the route they had started. Meanwhile, rival carriers offered work, transport and legal advice to Celadon's misunderstood drivers.

Throughout the weekend, drivers, dispatchers and office workers exchanged rumours, shared emotions and asked for help on social media. One Celadon driver, who was stuck halfway through, said he wanted to quit.

"I loved working at Celadon," he said. — I've always been treated with respect. I would continue to work for them, but I have a wife and child, and I want the best for my family.

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