Is it realistic to find work in Canada in an undemanded profession

Is it realistic to find work in Canada in an undemanded profession

It is well known that Canada has lists of professions in demand. Consequently, it is easier for specialists in these professions to immigrate and find a job. But what to do if a potential immigrant has a profession that is not in demand?

If you are applying for immigration through the federal program through Express Entry, there is no list of passable occupations. There is only NOC classifier, which defines the skill level (professions) — 0, A, B, C, D. In principle, the professions in the NOC classifier can be considered in demand. If you apply for provincial programs, however, each province usually compiles a list of in-demand professions.

But if you feel that you have an unpopular profession in your country, you may find that you will be taken with arms and legs to Canada.

Take electricians. Who needs electricians in Ukraine, for example? Most people, when they see the word "electrician", get the picture that this is a housing maintenance worker, who is only engaged in screwing in light bulbs. But an electrician for Canada is a respectable person, who will earn as much as a novice programmer.

But once people get to Canada, they can dramatically change their lives and start working in a different profession.

Alex Pavlenko, the founder of Immigrant.Today portal, shared his experience:

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