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Job offer for immigration to Canada

Job offer for immigration to Canada

In order to obtain a work visa and work permit, and to immigrate to Canada, a foreign professional needs a job offer.

A job offer is a requirement in many Canadian immigration programs. It is also a requirement for a visa and temporary (non-seasonal) work permit in Canada. There are many different names for a job offer in Canadian law: job offer, offer of employment, offer of arranged employment, employment offer.

For most provincial immigration programs, a job offer from a provincial employer is a requirement. For federal immigration programs, a job offer is not required, but it can be used to earn extra points in the Express Entry system.

When a Canadian employer wants to make a job offer to a foreign worker, the employer prepares a Formal Employment Contract or Job Offer Letter for the foreign worker and sends it to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for approval. This document must include:

  • name of the position in which the foreigner will work;
  • job description, including basic responsibilities;
  • position requirements — required professional education, skills, experience, and licenses if required;
  • details of the start and end dates (if applicable) of employment;
  • specifics of remuneration — both wages and other forms of payment;
  • name and address of the employer, address of the employee's future place of employment, and information about the Canadian employer's contact person who can describe the job offer.

In addition to verifying the authenticity of the job offer, the ESDC will verify that the conditions offered by the Canadian company to the alien meet Canadian standards. ESDC will then approve the job offer along with a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The LMIA proves that the employer has not found a suitable Canadian citizen or resident for the position. The Department of Immigration will then grant the prospective foreign worker permission to work for that employer.

If the work is planned in the province of Quebec, the job offer must also be approved by the Government of Quebec.

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