Becoming a police officer in Ontario will be easier

Becoming a police officer in Ontario will be easier

The Premier of Ontario believes that the province needs more police officers.

On April 25, a press conference was held with Ontario Premier Doug Ford. He believes that the province needs more police officers and therefore plans to make their training cheaper and easier. Local authorities will now fully pay for training at the local Police College. They will also increase the number of students and the size of classes to send graduates to fight crime as soon as possible.

How is the crime situation in Ontario?

Canada is a fairly peaceful country where murders and terrorist attacks are rare. News of such events shocks the local population precisely because such things happen infrequently in the hospitable country of maple leaves. Nevertheless, local criminals give authorities a lot of headaches — mainly due to traffic accidents, robberies, car thefts, and burglaries. The object of the attack is usually property rather than life and health. This corresponds to a global trend: the number of violent crimes is decreasing around the world, and economic crimes are taking their place.

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But there is no time for Ontario police officers to rejoice: the number of crimes has increased by 20% compared to last year. Doug Ford believes that new people are urgently needed in the police force.

What bonuses does the Ontario government offer to future police officers?

Now, each stream of the Police College will admit not 480, but 550 students. The educational institution will accept up to 4 streams per year. Normally, the three-month course costs CAD 15 400 to those interested. Now, the government will pay for the education. In order to make a career in the police even more attractive, the authorities plan to remove requirements for additional education. Now, future police officers will only need to finish high school and obtain a College diploma, and other documents will not be needed.

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