Feedback from a client for a consultation on moving to Canada

Feedback from a client for a consultation on moving to Canada

"You can immediately see that the person is professional, experienced and it is very easy to communicate with her."

Our company Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. provides immigration consultations on moving to Canada.

We invite you to read a detailed review of the consultation with Canadian licensed specialist Ivanna Pavlenko:

"First of all, I would like to thank you and your wife for creating such an informative and useful portal, and very interesting at the same time.

To briefly focus on the work of Ivanna, you can immediately see that the person is professional and experienced and it is very easy to communicate with her. She won't stymie you with complicated terms during the consultation. She explains clearly, showing different data and statistics in the form of tables, and pictures, and referring to all kinds of official resources. The most interesting thing is that she quickly assesses your chances and immediately selects programs that are more suitable for you, rather than telling a whole story about some not entirely suitable programs, I mean that she doesn't waste time.

In addition, I would like to leave my impressions and conclusions for those who want or plan to get counseling:

Before booking a consultation, I knew some ways to immigrate to Canada, but I was unsure which one was right for my case. To decide which program I should prepare for, I decided to book a consultation. I had enough time before the appointed day. So I began to think about the questions I was going to ask during my conversation with Ivanna. I thought about them everywhere: at work, during my study, and even while driving. And all questions I was going to ask I left in my head. I had planned to make a short list of important questions, but due to laziness or lack of time, the list remained in my head. 

And when the day came, I thought and I would ask these questions by heart. We met, and she asked a few questions about me (education, language skills, work experience, etc.). And in a matter of seconds, she assessed my chances, and suddenly "bang": a huge flow of information came. I tried to absorb all this data, wrote down the key points for myself, interrupted Ivanna, and asked again. And so time passed, 10-20-30 minutes passed, and so on. And she explained everything step by step, sometimes I asked my questions, sometimes I tried not to interrupt her, and when the last minutes were left, I had forgotten some of the questions that I was going to ask.


In general, I don’t think that the consultation was useless or there was not enough time. I chose a couple of programs for myself and will continue to move forward with these programs (I have already had a specific goal and a path to it). As for time, I just had some fear that there was not enough time and during the consultation, I often looked at my watch, although I shouldn’t have done so. There was more than enough time. If I had looked for materials on the subject and written down all the questions on paper before the online conversation, I think the consultation would have been even more effective and productive.

So for those planning to sign up for consultation, I would recommend a little preparation beforehand."

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