Residents of Canada need to book the places for camping in advance

Residents of Canada need to book the places for camping in advance

Parks Canada updates its reservation system for outdoor recreational activities and other events.

In March 2023, a new reservation system for summer vacations across the country will begin operating. Each national park and preserve, where you can rest during the warm season, publishes its dates and booking conditions. Unlike previous years, the system had to be updated in 2023, so reservations for available places will start later.

Despite the updates, the service's representatives promise to keep the meaningful functionality unchanged. If you want to keep information about previous bookings, you must do it before February 26, 2023. Otherwise, the data will be lost.

In the updated system, you will have to create a new account after March 3.

In summer, Canadian roads are jammed with trailers, pickup trucks with tents, bicycles, and campers trying to get into national parks and preserves. On particularly hot days, you can see thousands of cars. But no one can pitch a tent wherever they want. It's illegal.

Camping in Canada is organized and regulated by the government. The government creates special paid camping sites that are booked six months in advance and sell out in seconds.

No wonder, because the fantastic nature and clean air bring a lot of benefits and fun.

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