Canada's largest telecommunications operators signed a formal agreement


The Rogers network failure affected everyone.

François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, said that the consequences of the Rogers network outage that occurred in July were so serious that he organized a meeting with the CEOs of Canada's major telecommunications companies, where he instructed them to take immediate steps to improve network reliability across the country. He gave 60 days for a formal agreement to provide and guarantee roaming in emergencies, mutual aid and a communications protocol to keep the public and government informed during major outages and other emergencies.

On Wednesday, there was an official announcement of an agreement signed that calls for the cooperation of competitors in the event that one of them has a failure like Rogers:

"Should one of these providers be faced with a major network outage, the other companies have committed to provide the support and assistance necessary so that Canadians can reach loved ones, access 911, and conduct business transactions"

In addition, carriers are required to provide clear and timely messages informing Canadians and the appropriate authorities about response and recovery during major network outages.

Recall that the July outage left about a quarter of Canadians without service. The Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is conducting a detailed investigation of Rogers, including new measures the company is taking.

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