Canada tries to cope with the tourism crisis

Canada tries to cope with the tourism crisis

Travelers can expect a number of positive changes.

Canada has announced important changes for travelers entering the country.

Literally today we wrote that the government had finally listened to the endless complaints from users of the ArriveCAN app and initiated an investigation into data privacy.

Today it became known that henceforth, to combat long delays at airports, travellers will be allowed to file their customs and immigration declarations 72 hours before crossing the border through ArriveCAN. This was announced by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), specifying that for now this is available at 3 airports in the country: Toronto Pearson, Montreal Trudeau and Vancouver. According to the Agency, the use of this feature has reduced customs clearance time at Toronto Pearson by one-third. Therefore, it is planned to extend the successful innovation to the whole of Canada in the coming months.

With staff shortages and resumption of covid testing, Toronto Pearson Airport, which came out on top globally in flight delays and queues, is trying to get out of the crisis and officially begins using the eGates system, which was tested back in June. The eGates gives travelers arriving at Terminal 1 another opportunity to file their customs and immigration declaration, whether the declaration has been pre-created using ArriveCAN or is generated directly on-site.

Individuals age 16 and older will be able to use eGates to verify their identity and submit declarations. Travelers who have completed a CBSA pre-declaration through ArriveCAN will be able to view, edit, certify and submit it on the eGate portal.

The airport said it plans to implement eGates technology in Terminal 3 within a year.

In addition, as of September 8, rules for airlines are coming into effect, filling a gap in the airline passenger protection system. Now, if the airline has not found a replacement for a traveler for a cancelled or long-delayed flight within 48 hours of the original departure time, it will be obliged to provide a refund or rebooking at the passenger's choice. These rules will apply even in situations where the problem with the flight occurred due to circumstances beyond the airline's control.

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