Moving to Canada will become easier

Moving to Canada will become easier

The government is taking steps to return the immigration system to a pre-colonial pattern.

While at a technology conference in Toronto, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser described how he sees the near future of the immigration system. He noted that the pandemic had dealt it a serious blow, with many offices closed and a lot of energy lost. Moreover, the August 2021 commitment to the adaptation of 40,000 Afghan refugees and the resettlement of Ukrainian citizens under the CUAET program also increased the burden multiplied by the quarantine measures.

It's not all bad, however: Frazier said he's finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. "We are now on track to restore our pre-pandemic standard of care by the end of this calendar year," he said in an interview.

The plan will be implemented through improvements in three areas — resources, policy, and technology:

  1. An additional 500 employees had been hired by mid-June, with more than $400 million CAD planned for 2022 in investments in the immigration system.
  2. The policy is set to increase immigration targets: the new Plan, to be released by November 1, 2022, anticipates a significant increase in new residents.
  3. From a technological point of view, the main goal is to speed up the processing of applications, for which an upgrade of the digital platform has been carried out. The first successes are evident: It was announced that it was possible to resume Express Entry selections in all directions starting July 6, 2022. Also, by the end of the summer, 17 categories of immigrants who applied will be able to track their status online.

There is still a lot of work ahead, but the minister is optimistic about the future, believing that by the end of 2022, new applications will be handled according to service standards and within a strictly specified time frame.

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