It gets easier to get a job in Alberta

It gets easier to get a job in Alberta

The provincial government is going to remove barriers to highly skilled professionals.

On October 25, the Department of Labor and Immigration proposed Bill 49: The Workforce Mobility Act.

This law should help highly qualified professionals to gain recognition of their professional qualifications more easily.

The law would apply to more than 100 regulated professions, such as optometrists, engineers, dentists, accountants and others.

At the moment, professionals face additional requirements for training, exams and internships. If the law is adopted, there will be a standardised approach to the recognition of qualifications.

Overall, the bill proposes:

  1. Standardize and streamline processes for the recognition of qualifications and training of certified professionals;
  2. Introduce maximum time limits for registration decisions;
  3. Introduce processes for appeals and internal reviews of applications;
  4. Determine what information and how much information the authorities can request;
  5. Define the offences and financial penalties for breaking the law;
  6. Provide free access to the list of documentation and required fees on the website.

The law is part of the Alberta recovery plan. Experts estimate that its implementation could add nearly $2.8 billion CAD per year to the province's GDP.

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