Canada's economic recovery depends on truckers


Trucking HR Canada notes that there is an urgent need to address the shortage of specialists.

Trucking HR Canada is a national non-profit organization that addresses human resources issues in the trucking and logistics industry.

According to representatives at the moment in Canada, the number of vacancies in this field is increasing. We can say that delivery trucker the most sought-after profession in Canada. Thus, at the end of 2020, the vacancy rate for truckers was 5%. At the same time, the vacancy rate for all professions in Canada was 2.7%.

This discrepancy is having a negative impact on Canada's economic recovery. As Trucking HR Canada notes, urgent action is needed to address the problem because trucking supports key economic sectors.

The longer it takes to solve the problem of the shortage of truckers, the longer it will take to restore the economy to pre-pandemic levels. One way to solve is to attract immigrants into the field.

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