Canada has the highest number of vaccinated people in the world

Canada has the highest number of vaccinated people in the world

Daily COVID-19 cases in Canada have decreased by 90 per cent.

For the first time this Monday, the number of infections was below 1,000, since September 2020. The achievement was made possible by rapid population vaccination, with nearly 65 per cent of Canadians receiving at least one dose. That puts Canada at the top of the list for vaccination rates, followed by Israel and the United Kingdom.

Updated data over the weekend also showed that the incidence remained low on Saturday and Sunday, with 1,384 and 1,238 new cases, respectively, reported across provinces and territories in Canada. According to an analysis of the national data, the seven-day average for new cases is 1,305 — the lowest average since September 27, 2020.

Cases continued to steadily decline from the peak of the third wave in April, when an average of more than 8,700 new infections were reported daily.

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