How is vaccination going in Canada?

How is vaccination going in Canada?

How many people in the country have already been able to get vaccinated?

Since vaccination began, Canada has faced many challenges, including vaccine supply failures, difficulties producing the vaccine within Canada and concerns surrounding the AstraZeneca drug. But things don't seem to be going so badly.

Last week, the number of Canadians vaccinated with at least one dose exceeded 5 million. That's almost 15 per cent of the entire population. Another 27 million people over the age of 16 have yet to be vaccinated. Children should also be counted. Children's vaccine trials have only recently been completed, showing 100% efficacy.

Current projections are that Canada will receive 32 to 36 million doses of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines by June 30. The country has already reached a target of 220,000 vaccinations per day, but to vaccinate all Canadians with at least one dose over the next three months, even more vaccinations — between 310,000 and 330,000 per day — are needed. As for the older population, according to Dr. Howard Nju, deputy chief of public health, nearly one-third of people 70-79 years old and three out of four people over 80 years old have been vaccinated. Both doses of the vaccine have been given to nearly 3% of Canadians.

Authorities and public health officials are warning Canadians that even those who have already been vaccinated should follow public health measures that include social distance and wearing masks. It is not yet known whether vaccinated people can carry the virus and infect others, Dr. Nju said.

Despite the encouraging immunization situation, some Canadian provinces returned to lockdown due to the rapid spread of the virus.

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