Is it possible to move to Canada as an IT professional?

Is it possible to move to Canada as an IT professional?

Discussing the nuances.

Can you move to Canada if you are a programmer or other IT professional? Yes, you can, but there is a catch. Canada is actively looking for skilled IT professionals to fill job vacancies in the country. However, you must be prepared for serious competition and tough requirements.

To get a work visa you need to prove your qualifications and have a good level of English or French. Your specialization in IT can also affect your chances. Some fields, such as AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity, can be more in demand than others.

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If you work in IT, you are under 30 years old, have a good education, and excellent knowledge of English or French, you can bypass the work visa stage and immediately apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Some immigration pathways that are suitable for IT workers:

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Ivanna Pavlenko, regulated Canadian immigration consultant

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