When will spring come to Canada and what will it bring?

When will spring come to Canada and what will it bring?

Although Canada is experiencing snowfall, freezing rain and winds, forecasters are already making predictions for spring and summer.

Meteorologists have published an extended forecast for spring 2023. The report provides information on weather conditions nationwide as well as for individual provinces.

According to experts, there will be a "violent transition to warmth" and severe weather threats in the spring, and much of the country will suffer from the debilitating heat of summer.

As is typical of Canadian weather, there will be a lot of rain, slush, mud and heat in the spring and summer.

Warming is expected in April, but it will come with storms. In all regions, there will be an average temperature typical of a particular area. In summer, the thermometers may rise above normal. In mid-June, severe weather is forecast, which will manifest itself with thunderstorms and tornadoes. It is especially true for eastern and central Canada.

By the end of June, the heat will "turn on" in most of the country.

In Ontario province, spring promises to be rainy, especially in the Great Lakes region. In British Columbia, average temperatures with moderate precipitation are expected, as are Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In Quebec, typical seasonal temperatures and dry conditions are expected.

In New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland it is promised less rain than usual.

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