Canadian cities disappointed tourists

Canadian cities disappointed tourists

Among the favourite tourist destinations in Canada are the big cities. But they are the ones that experts have called overrated.

A British research platform conducted a survey among tourists about their impressions of the cities they visited and ranked them. The data is based on reviews and feedback from travel sites. 5 Canadian cities are on the list.

Toronto was the most disappointing, followed by Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec City.

  • 10.9% of visitors found Toronto disappointing, with the zoo, considered the most overrated attraction;
  • 10.3% of visitors were disappointed with Montreal and called the Biodome de Montreal mediocre;
  • 9.3% of tourists ranked Vancouver and its Gastown as the most disappointing;
  • 8.6% of foreigners did not like Ottawa;
  • 8.2% of visitors were not impressed with Quebec and Old Quebec.

Among the world's overrated tourist destinations, Toronto is the 36th, Montreal is the 43rd, Vancouver is the 56th, Ottawa is the 60th and Quebec City is the 67th.

Bangkok tops the list with 16.6% of disappointed visitors. Antalya was second in the world with 16.5%, with Singapore in third place with 15.8%.

Impressions of sightseeing and travel are always strictly individual. Even London and Paris are in the eighth and ninth places on the list.

The best tourist destinations in Canada that you should visit to get to know the country.

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