New immigration opportunity for truck drivers

New immigration opportunity for truck drivers

Truckers can now obtain permanent residency through one of the most popular immigration ways.

The truck driver is a very in-demand occupation in Canada, which is also popular among immigrants. Right now, the Canadian job search portal Indeed has more than 12,000 job postings for truck drivers across the country. The average wage for these professionals is $24 CAD per hour.

The good news is that after Canada switched to the new National Occupational Classification (NOC), truckers became eligible to register with Express Entry. This is the system through which Canada evaluates and invites candidates for federal immigration programs. This relocation pathway is faster than the others and allows you to settle in any region of the country except Quebec.

The most popular federal program is the Federal Skilled Worker Program. But it is not the easiest, as it requires a high level of English or French, and you must score 67 out of 100 on the program's evaluation system to apply.

Another popular program is the Canadian Experience Class for professionals with work experience in Canada. It is an option for those who found a Canadian employer, worked for a year, and then applied for permanent residency. A lower level of English is appropriate for the program, and Express Entry awards extra points for work experience in Canada.

In addition to the federal ones, truckers can get permanent residency through a large number of provincial programs that allow them to move to a particular region of Canada.

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