British Columbia promotes immigration outside Vancouver

British Columbia promotes immigration outside Vancouver

The province has its reasons.

The province of British Columbia is targeting economic development outside Vancouver. Recently, some candidates participating in the province's immigration program were given a higher priority.

British Columbia will now first invite applicants who intend to settle outside of Vancouver and its suburbs. These are applicants who have found work outside of Vancouver, have worked there for a year, or have graduated from an institution of higher education there.

Historically, immigrants have tended to settle in major metropolitan areas. According to the British Columbia government, changes to the program will help businesses outside of Vancouver attract more professionals and graduates. This will boost the economy and address labour shortages.

In March 2022, a similar change was made to the provincial immigration program. That is when British Columbia started holding targeted draws for childhood educators, medics, and veterinarians. This resulted in several times as many health professionals and educators moving to the province in 2022 as in 2021.

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