Canadian residents will receive up to $1,500 from the government

Canadian residents will receive up to $1,500 from the government

Immigrants are entitled to them, too.

The Canadian government has announced the amounts of climate incentive payments for 2023-2024. Their amount will depend on the province of residence and family composition.

Climate payments are compensation for the carbon tax. The tax applies to fuel and natural gas, with 90% of the tax refunded to payers.

Climate payments used to be in the form of a tax credit. Since July 2022, fixed benefits are paid quarterly to people over the age of 19 and families, including immigrants. The government claims that 80% of Canadians now pay less in carbon tax than they receive in the climate incentive payment.

Residents of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan will receive four payments: in April, July, and October 2023, and in January 2024. Residents of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island will start receiving payments only in July 2023. Thus, there will be three payments. The rest of the provinces do not have a carbon emissions tax.

The payout for the year will be as follows (the amounts are in Canadian dollars):

  Alberta Manitoba Ontario Saskatchewan Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island
First adult $772 $528 $488 $680 $656 $496 $480
Second adult $386 $264 $244 $340 $328 $248 $240
Every child $193 $132 $122 $170 $164 $124 $120
Family of 4 $1 544 $1 056 $976 $1 360 $1 312 $992 $960

In addition to climate payments, the Canadian government provides other assistance to the population.

If you have not yet moved to Canada, contact us for help.

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