Canadians are concerned about the number of immigrants

Canadians are concerned about the number of immigrants

Residents are not sure the country needs so many newcomers.

By 2025, Canada intends to welcome 500,000 immigrants per year. Thanks to the newcomers, the country wants to develop its economy and combat labour shortages. But according to an online poll conducted by the Leger Sociological Institute and the Association for Canadian Studies, an overwhelming majority of Canadians are concerned about the government's decision to increase immigration.

75% of Canadians think that with the increase in the number of immigrants there will be a high demand for housing, as well as health and social services, which will naturally affect their costs. Many Canadians are now struggling with inflation and rising housing and goods prices.

However, not all Canadians are against immigration — opinions are divided on this issue. Despite the rise in prices, 31% of respondents believe that the number of immigrants is justified. Another 5% say there should be more. Finally, 49% think the planned number of immigrants is too high.

There are also those in the government who disagree with the immigration plans. Maxime Bernier, leader of the People's Party of Canada, thinks immigration targets should be lower. Moreover, he blames immigration for rising housing prices in major cities.

Previously, Quebec authorities refused to accept more immigrants than they currently do. According to the provincial government, 50,000 immigrants a year is the limit for the region.

There is also a pattern among Canadians. Supporters of the incumbent Liberal Party are more likely to support immigration plans. By contrast, supporters of the Conservative Party, the People's Party of Canada, and the Bloc Quebecois disagree with the government's goals.

The federal government is not staying away. The recent economic plan includes different measures to help the population, including those related to the purchase of homes. And the Minister of Immigration has announced that from 2023, Canada will implement targeted draws in the Express Entry system and will primarily invite health and construction professionals.

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