Canada has record growth in immigrant employment

Canada has record growth in immigrant employment

Most newcomers are successful in finding work after moving.

A new October 2022 Canadian labour force survey shows that the number of employed professionals in Canada continues to rise. There were 108,000 more job openings during the month, while unemployment remained consistently low at 5.2% for Canada.

This time immigrants attracted attention because there was a record increase in employment among them in the history of observations since 2006. 62.2% of immigrants over the age of 15 are now employed. Interestingly, newcomers who have been in Canada less than 5 years have a higher employment rate of 70.7%. According to the 2021 Census, 23% of Canadians are immigrants.

The largest employment gains in the country were in manufacturing, construction, and the hotel and restaurant business. In contrast, the trend was negative in some sectors: wholesale and retail trade and natural resources.

Employment increased the most in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec: plus 43,000 and 28,000 filled jobs in October, respectively. Meanwhile, in Ontario, 31,000 new jobs came from Toronto. Employment also increased in Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In addition, wages are rising in Canada. Annual growth in average wages is now above 5%. In October, the average income of residents was $31.94 CAD per hour.

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