Canadian province has shared which immigrants it invites most

Canadian province has shared which immigrants it invites most

Canada's most popular region has published statistics on invitations for the past year.

Ontario, the most popular province among newcomers, has released its immigration results for 2021. The provincial immigration program invited 9,000 applicants. It does not count those who immigrated through federal programs and settled in Ontario or those who moved from other provinces.

Immigration streams

The most popular stream with the highest number of invitations was the Human Capital Priorities stream. It sent 3,513 invitations. The stream is designed for candidates who are registered in the federal Express Entry system, have higher education and a good knowledge of English or French.

The next stream was the Foreign Worker stream, which called for 1,705 applicants. The requirements are not as high, but you must have two years of qualified work experience and find an employer in Ontario. Such factors as language skills, education and age are not counted in this stream.

Two other streams that also invited many candidates are the International Student (1,240 candidates) and the Masters Graduate (1,202 candidates). International Student stream participants need to have completed a minimum of a two-year program at one of Ontario's universities and find a job in the province. Master’s graduates only need to have a degree from an Ontario university and speak English or French well, a job offer is not obligatory.

There were significantly fewer invitations for other streams in 2021:

Candidates' occupations

The province also published the distribution of invited candidates by occupation. In 2021, the region paid special attention to IT professionals, they accounted for about 25% of all immigrants.

The top 10 occupations that have been invited to Ontario are as follows:

The province reports that 39% of those who received invitations had found work in Ontario before immigrating.

Distribution by country

In 2021, candidates from 130 countries received nominations from Ontario. Two-thirds of those invited were from India (4,332 people) and China (1,736 people). There were significantly fewer candidates from other countries.

This year, Ontario authorities have asked the federal government to invite more applicants. If you need help with immigration to Canada, contact our company. We will estimate your chances of moving to all provinces of the country and help you find the best option.

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