Canadian rented a huge billboard to sell cheese sticks

Canadian rented a huge billboard to sell cheese sticks

He has already received 200 offers.

Angel Domingo, 48, moved into a new apartment in Toronto and discovered that the former tenants had left a Black Diamond brand cheese stick in the refrigerator. As a trader who trades parts and furniture online and wouldn't miss out on anything, he decided, for laughs, to find out what he could get this time.

First he placed an ad on the Canadian site Kijiji, but without a response he went further: he rented a huge billboard in Dundas Town Square.

The ad sounds impressive: "OFFER: one cheese stick. Offers are accepted for one cheese stick. Marbled. In its original packaging. No rate reductions. I know what I have."

Now he's received about 200 offers, but he's not after money, he's after bartering, and so far he hasn't been satisfied with any of the lots. He has been offered a pair of Persian cats, an old cement truck, a box of Lucky Charms cereal, and one bidder said he was willing to give up his girlfriend for a cheese stick. The Canadians aren't giving up: the owner says some are calling him again, increasing their bid.

Domingo admitted to reporters that it was "the strangest thing" he had ever had to bid on, and "a kind of fate."

To begin with, he placed an ad for two weeks, but would not say how much it cost him. He specified that his wife was extremely unhappy with how much he spent on this mock experiment.

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