Canada's best cities for IT professionals


Several metropolitan areas made it to the top of North America.

Canadian cities made the annual ranking of the best places for IT professionals in North America. There are a total of 50 locations.

Toronto ranked third with the highest job growth in the sector. Over the past five years, the city has added 88,900 tech workplaces. The metropolis is up one spot from last year's top.

Another Canadian city, Vancouver, came eighth. It added 44,460 workplaces over the same period, with the city having the highest job growth rate in the rankings, 63%.

Canada's capital Ottawa is in 13th place. It has the highest concentration of IT workers in North America, 11.6% of the total employed population.

Other Canadian cities in the ranking:

  • Montreal, province of Quebec — 15th place;
  • Waterloo, province Ontario — 24th place;
  • Calgary, Alberta — 28th place;
  • Edmonton, Alberta — 35th place;
  • Quebec City, Quebec — 39th place.

The first two places at the top went to the cities of San Francisco and Seattle in the United States.

The ranking also evaluated 25 cities where the technology sector is just developing. Among the Canadian municipalities on the list are:

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia — 9th place;
  • London, Ontario — 10th place;
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba — 12th place.

According to the report of the CBRE portal which publishes the Tech Talent ranking the technology sector in North America has already recovered from the pandemic, and jobs are on the rise in most cities. What is more, about a quarter of jobs now offer remote work.

Canada also pays a lot of attention to attracting IT professionals from abroad. Both federal immigration programs and many provincial ones suit them. There are also programs designed specifically for IT workers, such as the Tech stream in British Columbia and Tech Talent Pathway in Saskatchewan.

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