Canadian government solves problem at airports

Canadian government solves problem at airports

Measures are taken to eliminate delays and luggage losses

Not long ago we wrote about how Canadian airports were understaffed. This was causing passengers to be delayed and luggage to be lost before it reached its destination. On June 20, 2022, airport employees went to work in casual wear to protest the harsh conditions.

The federal government says that much has already been done to remedy the situation. More than 1,000 employees have been hired as a matter of urgency. This number should cover more than 100 percent of the need of the largest airports for qualified workers.

In addition, testing for COVID-19 at the airport has been suspended since June 11. And starting July 1, all tests will be conducted outside the airport, which is also intended to reduce the queues.

The Department of Transportation reminds you that to save time, you can file customs and immigration declarations prior to arrival by using ArriveCAN. From June 28, this option will be available in the ArriveCAN mobile app.

The situation at Canadian airports is getting better now, but not all problems have been solved yet. In particular, passengers are faced with a situation where a flight is cancelled after boarding the plane. To solve this, from September 8 will come into force a rule under which airlines will be required to rebook the flight or refund the money for it if the delay is more than 48 hours.

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