Tuition discounts for foreigners in Quebec

Tuition discounts for foreigners in Quebec

But only for those who are willing to learn in French.

Starting in fall 2023, international students in Quebec will pay the same tuition as local students. In order to do so, students must study:

  • outside of Greater Montreal;
  • full day;
  • in French;
  • in a profession that is on the priority list for Quebec.

The Quebec government has named priority sectors:

  • information technology;
  • engineering;
  • health and social services;
  • education;
  • care for young children.

Quebec will soon publish a list of institutions participating in the provincial program and the programs they offer, as well as details of benefits.

Although the qualifications for engineers and health care professionals will probably have to be supplemented with certificates of professional terminology in English in order to work outside the province, the offer is very lucrative. Even leaving aside the huge difference in the price of education for international and local students, Quebec is a good place to live with children. And if you decide to stay permanently in the remote regions of the province, you will be a very sought-after professional.

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