How employment agencies abroad cheat you

How employment agencies abroad cheat you

An interview with a man who wanted to go to work in Canada and was duped by a recruitment agency.

I am often asked how to find a job in Canada, how to move to Canada on a work visa, and can I trust employment agencies that are located in different countries.

Usually, representatives of such companies promise huge salaries in Canada, free accommodation, free meals, and even free flights. And people expect that they will get to Canada without English or with poor English, learn it in a year or two, and eventually move their whole family to Canada and then get Canadian passports. Is this true or not? Let's find out.

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I received an email from Artem. He complained that he had been duped by an overseas employment agency. He was promised a good job in Canada with a salary of over CAD 100,000 per year. He paid the money for the paperwork, but in the end, he did not get to Canada and the money was not returned. Moreover, it turned out that there are a lot of such victims, and now all these people have united and are trying to make a criminal case against the company with the help of the police.

I immediately offered to interview Artem, and he agreed.

Why Canada?

Artem is 43 years old. His English level is Pre-Intermediate, and he has a higher education. In the last year before the proposed move, he was working in his country as a project manager on the sale of electrical equipment and, if converted to Canadian dollars, earned about CAD 15,000 per year.

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